Lawyers Helping Injured Factory Workers

There are ever-present safety hazards in a factory or warehouse. A hard hat, safety goggles and steel-toed boots offer only so much protection.

At Dennis Kenny Law, we have represented many factory workers who were injured in workplace accidents or developed injuries from the rigors of the work or harmful exposures.

Disability Benefits For Injured Factory Workers

Our New York workers’ compensation lawyers know your rights and are familiar with the common injuries suffered by factory, machine shop and industrial workers:

We understand that when you work with your hands or have always done physical labor, injuries to your limbs, your legs or your back can mean long-term or permanent disability. Our lawyers explore all your entitled benefits, including lump sum settlements and scheduled benefits for loss of use in extremities.

We have helped clients who suffered major injuries in factory accidents, such as a head injury or amputation. We have also helped clients go back months or years after the accident to get additional benefits for a work-related disability that got worse. Lastly, we explore third-party lawsuits in addition to your workers’ comp claim if your injuries were caused by defective machinery.

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