Experienced Attorneys Assisting Injured Medical Personnel

Nursing is one of the most dangerous occupations, statistically speaking. Nurses and nursing assistants have some of the highest rates of work-related back injury, and patients and medical equipment pose additional threats.

The New York workers’ compensation attorneys at Dennis Kenny Law, have represented medical workers throughout the Hudson Valley, the Capital District, Albany and New York City.

Nurse And Medical Personnel Injury Lawsuits

Our clients include nurses (RN, LPN), certified nursing assistants (CNA), orderlies, medical technicians and staff physicians at New York hospitals, as well as nursing home workers, physical therapists, chiropractors, dental hygienists and others who provide direct patient care.

We have handled a wide range of nursing injuries:

Back injuries are not only the most common injury to nurses but one of the most frequently challenged claims. We understand that a back injury is not merely painful but potentially career-ending. Our lawyers are skilled at documenting the extent of disability and proving that the injury was work-related. We pursue full benefits or negotiate lump sum compensation.

Hospital workers worried about job security often try to work through the pain to avoid filing a workers’ comp claim. It is important to notify your supervisor of any incident as soon as possible to preserve your work injury rights. Failure to notify the employer within 30 days can seriously damage your ability to collect benefits.

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