Attorneys Experienced In Commercial Truck Driver Injury Cases

Commercial drivers have a significant injury rate, from traffic accidents and freight handling mishaps to merely sitting behind the wheel or taking that big step down from the cab.

Injured drivers are entitled to employer-paid medical and wage benefits, regardless of fault, and there may be claims against third parties for negligence. If you suffered an on-the-job injury as a driver, Dennis Kenny Law, will detail your case for workers’ comp benefits and evaluate your potential claims against third parties, such as a motorist or a property owner whose negligence contributed to your accident.

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The Types Of Injures Commercial Drivers Suffer

Our experienced lawyers have represented a broad array of truck drivers, including over-the-road truckers, package truck and delivery drivers, utility workers, moving van crews, and heavy equipment operators, as well as people who load and unload trucks.

We understand the duties, the hazards and bodily stresses of driving a truck for a living, and we routinely handle workers’ comp claims for:

We stand up for you if the employer disputes that your injury is work-related, and we are knowledgeable about all your benefits and claims, including loss of use or total disability.

Truck drivers commonly suffer cumulative damage from the toll on their bodies. Even if you can’t point to a specific incident, you may have a claim for repetitive stress conditions. We document how job duties are the primary cause, such as carpal tunnel syndrome from gripping the steering wheel all day or damaged knee joints from constantly stepping up and down.

We often secure additional or forgotten benefits from old workers’ comp claims. Delivery drivers may also have third-party lawsuits against a property owner responsible for a falling accident or a motorist who crashed into your work vehicle.

Experienced Work Injury Attorneys

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