Attorneys Exploring Every Workers’ Compensation Option

Many employees who were injured at work never collect all the benefits to which they are entitled. At Dennis Kenny Law, we help clients get additional value for existing workers’ compensation claims, and we regularly revisit old claims to secure extra benefits.

Employers and their insurers will probably fight any new claims. Our workers’ compensation claims lawyers can identify any additional entitled benefits within workers’ compensation and present a strong case on your behalf.

Fighting For Full Benefits For Your Injuries

With 15 years of focused experience, we know which benefits are commonly left on the table because the employee never filed a claim or never followed up. For example:

  • Workers’ comp paid your medicals and lost wages for a hand or foot injury, but you never got a final scheduled benefit for the reduced function (loss of use). We can reopen your case to file for a percentage of loss benefits or a lump sum settlement.
  • Part of your body is permanently damaged from the repetitive stress involving your job, but you never missed work. You might have grounds for a settlement for loss of use in extremities (the percentage loss times the statutory payout for that specific body part).
  • You received a scheduled loss settlement five or 10 years ago, but your disabling condition has gotten worse. We would reopen the case to settle for the difference between your previous percentage loss and your current percentage loss.
  • Workers’ compensation paid for treatment of a head or face injury, and perhaps plastic surgery, but you never collected benefits for scarring or disfigurement.

Why Choose Us?

Revisiting claims may involve new medical exams to determine the extent of your disability. Our role is to challenge lowball disability ratings and, if necessary, prove that your original injury or worsened condition is work-related. We may also have to overcome barriers such as notice requirements, statute of limitations, caps on benefits or arguments that you closed your case when you took a lump sum award.

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