Loss Of Use And The Law In New York

In the context of workers’ compensation, “loss of use” refers to the inability of an injured worker to use a particular body part, such as an arm, shoulder, leg or foot. New York workers’ compensation law dictates a set amount of compensation to be offered to injury victims, depending on the body part affected and the severity of the injury.

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Understanding Schedule Loss Of Use

If you have been permanently injured while working, you may encounter a concept known as “schedule loss of use.”

Under this system, a doctor will state a percentage of loss of use you have sustained to a particular body part. This percentage is then translated into a correlative number of weeks’ worth of workers’ compensation benefits, which is multiplied by your own statutory maximum weekly benefit. The final number attained by this formula is your total lump sum award.

Remember, however, in most cases any benefits you have already received for your injury will be subtracted from the total determined by this formula.

Your employer’s insurance carrier will likely try to claim you have suffered a lower percentage of loss. Our attorneys have handled numerous workers’ compensation disputes and know how to counter those claims and present compelling cases for our clients. We will put our skill and experience to work for you, to help you seek the financial relief you need.

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