Knowledgeable Lawyers Assisting Crush Injury Victims

Workplace injuries that result in the crushing of a hand, foot or limb can be life-changing for the victim. These types of injuries can often lead to other conditions like complex regional pain syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy and can sometimes result in the complete loss of use of the injured body part.

Obtaining benefits for these types of injuries can be very difficult, and it is important to have strong representation from an experienced New York crush injury lawyer. At the Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., we represent clients across the state in a broad range of complex work injuries.

The Right Workers’ Comp Benefits For Your Crush Injuries

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling crush injury cases. Our background in these matters allows us to quickly and accurately analyze the types of medical care and benefits you may need to recover from your injuries. We have a complete understanding of the law, and we know all of the benefits available to workplace injury victims.

If your injury occurred because of an equipment malfunction of any kind, you may have an additional personal injury claim. When you hire our firm, we will work with you to determine exactly how the injury occurred, and who was responsible. If there is evidence to support a personal injury claim, we work with the finest of counsel personal injury attorneys to assist you.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

If you have suffered a crush injury in any type of workplace accident, our attorneys are here to stand up for your rights. Contact us today online or by telephone at 888-312-5516 to speak with a highly qualified Albany workers’ compensation lawyer.