Legal Representation For Additional Claims Beyond Workers’ Compensation

You can’t sue your employer or co-worker for an injury, except in very limited circumstances. But if the negligence of someone outside your chain of employment caused your workplace accident, you may have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.

Third-Party Lawsuits And Personal Injury Claims Regarding Your Workplace Injury

Our experienced attorneys have worked as co-counsel on many successful lawsuits against third parties for work-related injuries:

  • Labor 240 Claims In scaffolding accidents or other construction accidents involving falls from heights, New York’s special Section 240 and 241 labor laws allow construction workers to sue the owner of the property for monetary damages.
  • Premises liability Property owners may be liable for other on-the-job accidents, such as a delivery person injured in a slip-and-fall accident caused by a hidden hazard or code violation.
  • Subcontractor negligence If another company working at the same job site caused your accident (falling objects, tripping hazard, cave-in, explosion, etc.), you can sue for damages.
  • Product liability Employees may have a lawsuit against manufacturers of defective products, including dangerous machines, defective power tools or malfunctioning safety equipment.
  • Off-site vehicle accidents Any worker traveling in a vehicle in a work-related capacity can sue another motorist who causes a motor vehicle crash. We have represented truck drivers, ambulance crews, heavy equipment operators and others injured in on-duty crashes.
  • Medical malpractice If you suffered further harm because of negligent medical treatment for a work-related injury, the physician or hospital may be liable for malpractice.

A personal injury suit seeks damages such as pain and suffering or lost earning capacity that are not covered by workers’ compensation. Although your workers’ comp benefits will be reduced if you win a lawsuit, you still come out ahead.

Dennis Kenny Law, serves as counsel to other law firms that specialize in personal injury and medical negligence litigation, to ensure that you are compensated as fully as possible for your losses.

We Help With All Claims From Your Work Injury

You may also be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if you will be unable to work in any capacity for 12 months or more after a work injury. Our firm helps coordinate your SSDI case, unemployment benefits and all claims arising from on-the-job injuries.

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