Albany Attorney Helping Disabled Workers

A workplace injury can leave you disabled and unable to return to work for months, even years. While workers’ compensation benefits can help you get relief for your medical bills and lost wages, filing a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim may help you get even more financial relief.

At Dennis Kenny Law, our New York workers’ compensation lawyers help injured workers throughout the Albany area with a wide range of legal issues. We understand the hardships facing the injured and disabled. We will do everything we can to help you get full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Legal Help For Injured And Disabled Workers

Under workers’ compensation law, you may collect up to 66 percent of your weekly wage, not to exceed the statutory maximum. If you file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you may collect up to 80 percent of your weekly wage (combined total between workers’ compensation and SSDI). This additional 14 percent can have a significant impact on making ends meet and maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle.

The Social Security Disability system and the workers’ compensation system determine the average weekly wage in different ways. For Social Security Disability purposes, past earnings are an important part of the calculation. With workers’ compensation, the determination is based more on the wage rate at the time of your injury. We can explain to you where you stand and help you make informed decisions.

We can do this because our attorneys have extensive experience working with both types of these cases. We will help you explore your legal options so you can take full advantage of the benefits that are available to you. If you face opposition in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to, we will stand up for your rights. We are experienced trial lawyers and know how to win results for people like you.

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