Attorney Representing Injured Emergency Medical Personnel

Emergency medical personnel operate under critical time pressure, often in hazardous and unpredictable conditions. The potential for bodily harm is high, including life-threatening or career-ending injuries.

If you or your loved one was injured in an emergency response job, Dennis Kenny Law, stands by you to ensure that you are fully compensated through workers’ compensation benefits and any third-party actions, such as an intersection crash on route to a rescue scene caused by a driver who failed to yield.

Our law firm handles workers’ compensation cases in the Hudson Valley, the Albany area, the NYC metro and statewide New York.

Emergency Medical Personnel Injured On The Job

Our knowledgeable attorneys have represented ambulance drivers, emergency medical technicians (EMT), paramedics and other emergency medical services employees. We are familiar with the types of accidents common to rescue calls:

  • Ambulance collisions
  • Back injury from lifting patients
  • Hand injuries from stretchers
  • Injuries from combative patients
  • Falls or falling debris in collapsed structures
  • Explosions, burns, toxic smoke

(We can also represent firefighters and police officers if they are not governed by a separate claims process for work-related injuries.)

Additional Claims For Rescue Workers

— If an EMT or paramedic is injured in a traffic accident by the negligence of another driver, there may be a separate lawsuit for personal injury damages above and beyond worker’s compensation.

— Injuries caused by a property owner’s negligence (clutter on a stairway, flammable/explosive materials, illegally locked exits, etc.) may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

— Traumatic events are part of the job description. But under certain circumstances, emergency medical personnel may be entitled to workers’ comp disability benefits under a mental stress claim. However, it must be (a) a specific incident and (b) outside of the norm, such as helplessly witnessing the death of a young child or responding to a particularly horrific violent crime scene. These are difficult claims but our lawyers have a long record of success in workers’ compensation litigation.

Free Case Evaluation For Injured Emergency Medical Personnel

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