Worker Back Injury Attorney Representation

A lifting accident can have serious consequences. The resulting damage to your back or neck can require surgery, leaving you with steep medical bills and lost time from work.

At Dennis Kenny Law, we help people pursue compensation for their workplace injuries. We have a long track record of success winning favorable results for clients throughout New York.

Have You Been Injured While Lifting?

Lifting injuries often affect soft tissues in the back and neck, making them harder to detect than other injuries. Insurance carriers may try to undervalue the compensation you need because of your injury.

Our attorneys have handled numerous back injury cases and are adept at challenging the claims of the insurance companies and presenting compelling cases for our clients. We understand the full extent of the damage this lifting injury has caused you and we are prepared to help.

Types Of Lifting And Back Injuries

Some lifting injuries are the result of a one-time accident — lifting a heavy object resulting in a slipped disk or a falling load causing a spinal cord fracture.

Other lifting injuries occur over time. Repetitive lifting motions can cause chronic back pain and lead to severe and debilitating conditions. If you are suffering from a back or neck injury that resulted from lifting, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand your legal options.

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