Workers’ Comp And Personal Injury Lawyers There For You

By state law, you are entitled to specific benefits for any work-related injury or illness. But most employees do not know all their rights and employers often contest claims.

The knowledgeable attorneys of Dennis Kenny Law, can protect your rights and make sure you do not leave any benefits on the table. We have nearly 15 years of focused experience in New York workers’ compensation law.

With multiple offices in the Hudson Valley and the Albany area, we make it convenient to get the legal counsel and representation you need.

Why You Need A Work Injury And Personal Injury Lawyer

There are multiple ways our legal team can protect your interests at any stage of a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Notice requirement and coverage We advise on how to report a work-related injury to your employer to lay the proper groundwork for full benefits. A common mistake of self-filing claimants is failing to get each body part covered. “I fell and hurt my shoulder” could hamper related claims for a wrist fracture or elbow damage.
  • Consequential injuries Compensating for damage to your right knee may lead to problems in the left knee or a back injury. Related complications such as depression, nerve damage or chronic pain are also compensable.
  • Controverted cases If the employer rejects your claim as not disabling or not work-related, we can appeal to the New York Workers Compensation Board.
  • Degree of disability With proper documentation, contesting your disability rating could mean thousands of extra dollars over the course of your claim.
  • Correct calculation of benefits Employers are notorious for errors in determining wage loss benefits, such as omitting overtime, bonuses or second jobs.
  • Wise choices about your options You can take a lump sum settlement of your claim at any point. What is your injury worth? How do you negotiate? What rights are you signing away?
  • Third-party lawsuits Our attorneys can identify any negligent third parties outside the chain of employment to sue for damages, such as pain and suffering, that are not provided by workers’ comp.
  • Old claims and additional benefits We commonly reopen clients’ old cases to get additional money for loss of use or complications of injuries.
  • Going back to work We deal with employers who ignore doctors’ light duty restrictions or threaten to terminate benefits for lingering on disability.

We Look Out For Your Interests

These issues are just the tip of the iceberg in the complex field of workers’ compensation law. Our attorneys thoroughly analyze your case and explore every avenue to help you get what you deserve and make informed decisions.

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