Work Injury Pre-existing Conditions Attorney In Albany

Pre-existing conditions are covered under New York workers’ compensation. If your existing disability is made worse by working, you are entitled to medical care and disability benefits. If a workplace accident aggravates a prior work-related injury, you are still covered.

Do not be discouraged from reporting an accident or filing a workers’ comp claim if you have a pre-existing condition. Your injuries are still compensable.

At Dennis Kenny Law, you are represented by experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who know and fight for your rights. We have helped many clients secure benefits for a re-injury or work-related aggravation of a pre-existing condition.

Pre-Existing Conditions Under New York Workers’ Comp

Our attorneys have won benefits in contested cases involving a wide range of pre-existing conditions: knee injury, herniated disc, back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and others.

You are covered by workers’ compensation in these scenarios:

  • A prior work-related injury or ailment flares up. We are skilled at proving that your new injury is related to your current employment — that you would still be working if not for the accident or aggravating circumstances.
  • You have a bad back or other disability and previously received a settlement or are currently receiving treatment or wage benefits. If the condition is made worse by a workplace accident or the rigors of your job, you cannot be denied medical coverage or additional benefits.

We fight for the maximum apportionment, the percentage of your rated disability that your current employer is responsible for.

The Experience To Fight For You

Pre-existing condition claims involve technicalities in the statute and are hotly resisted by employers, especially if they would have to cover a surgical remedy or lengthy disability. Our attorneys have the knowledge of the laws and legal precedents to assert claimants’ rights in these complex cases.

We help clients throughout New York state, from offices in the Hudson Valley and Albany area. Contact us today so that we can analyze your situation and explain your rights in a free case evaluation.