Representing Workers Injured In Manhattan

Manhattan is always changing, with many buildings being under construction, staffed with skilled workers or maintained by dedicated individuals. With all of the buildings and places of business, the instances of workplace injuries have also increased. Any type of injury sustained in a Manhattan workplace, including neck and back injuries, repetitive stress injuries and head injuries, may result in the injured worker needing workers’ compensation benefits.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., handle workplace injury and workers’ compensation cases for clients who were injured in Manhattan. We focus our attention on worker’s comp cases and are aggressive in our pursuit of the benefits you deserve.

Crane Collapses

Many construction projects in Manhattan make use of cranes in order to move materials from the ground up to the highest parts of the building. Unfortunately, there have been a number of crane collapses that have resulted in injuries to workers. If you have been injured in a crane collapse in Manhattan, we can assist you.

Falls From Heights

The buildings in Manhattan are world-renowned for their height. The Manhattan skyline is dotted with skyscrapers. Unfortunately, with the height of these buildings come injuries sustained by workers who maintain the buildings. Safety equipment may fail, scaffolding may collapse and falls may cause serious injuries. We handle workers’ compensation cases where workers have fallen from any level of height and have been injured.

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