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In these uncertain times all of us at Dennis Kenny Law want to reassure you that we are open and continue to work for you. We can meet with you via telephone or video conference, and communicate electronically. Additionally, our office has technology in place to allow us to represent you via video or telephone hearings when available.

We are here for you, and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and healthy.


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We Help Expedite Your Social Security Disability Hearing

For almost 15 years, the attorneys at Dennis Kenny Law, have helped injured and disabled people throughout New York state get the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve.

We understand our clients’ frustration and sense of being overwhelmed by health and financial problems when waiting for a Social Security Disability hearing. Unpaid medical bills, mortgages and other obligations can pile up while you wait for the resolution of your Social Security Disability claim.

As experienced attorneys, we know that you do have options — even if you think that you may not after a denial of benefits. With help from a lawyer, you can often take steps to expedite access to the SSDI and SSI benefits you are entitled to, so that you have the cash you need right now, when the bills are due.

Expediting Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Social Security Disability hearings are often difficult to schedule quickly in New York state. But there are some circumstances where Social Security Disability hearings can be expedited to meet your needs.

The lawyers at Dennis Kenny Law, work hard to see that your Social Security Disability hearing is scheduled in a timely manner. We know that being injured and unable to work is challenging enough. We are dedicated to protecting your interests and helping you assert your rights.

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At Dennis Kenny Law, we help injured people throughout New York state gain the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve. To talk with us about getting an expedited Social Security Disability hearing, contact us at 845-764-4494 or toll free at 888-312-5516.

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