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Tell OSHA what you think about proposed work safety rule

When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration crafts a proposed rule concerning work safety, it must generally submit the rule to the public for comment before it can finalize the rule. This feedback mechanism allows workers, safety advocates and employers to voice their support, opposition, suggestions and concerns to OSHA directly for its review. Although far fewer Americans take advantage of commenting on proposed rules than they might if they better understood the process, those with access to this information should certainly comment on any proposed rules that they feel strongly about.

Major American airline cited by OSHA for numerous violations

We frequently write about hazardous occupations and unsafe working conditions. Most of the time, we write about industries with a high rate of worker injury, like construction. However, we do emphasize from time to time that any American workplace can be unsafe and can inspire workplace accidents if employers do not prioritize the wellbeing of workers.

OSHA launches interactive work hazard identification tool

We frequently write about the numerous hazards that many American workers encounter at their work sites on a daily basis. Some of these hazards are obvious, like the heights from which many New York construction workers must navigate their tasks. However, other hazards may be hidden. These hidden hazards cannot be properly addressed until they are identified. When hazards remain hidden, they may cause workplace accidents which could have been prevented had employees and employers identified them and responded to them appropriately.

Worker's death illustrates limitations of OSHA penalties

The Boston Globe recently published a piece profiling the death of an American worker employed at an East Coast hummus plant. The man became caught in rotating nine-inch blades that function to blend the hummus product made at the plant. After being crushed by the blades, he perished as a result of his injuries as an ambulance transported him to a local hospital.

Employee whistleblowers are protected under federal law

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced the release of an interim final rule concerning whistleblowers. Specifically, the agency released an interim final rule that will help to protect workers who wish to avail themselves of whistleblower protections provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Act. The new interim final rule outlines timeframes and various procedures that workers must adhere to in order to receive protections under this act.

An important OSHA enforcement program has major flaws

Last week, we wrote about the fact that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has pledged to divert more of its resources to inspecting high-hazard worksites in 2014. In addition, the agency has opted to undergo a thorough evaluation of its high-hazard inspection process to determine whether or not it is effective. These are welcome developments in the agency’s evolution.

OSHA announces plan to address high-hazard workplace risks

We frequently write about numerous hazards which plague the American workforce. While workers can suffer injuries and occupational illnesses in virtually every job imaginable, some industries are more hazardous than others. As a result, highly dangerous industries that regularly report high rates of work-related injuries and illnesses must be more carefully and broadly regulated than very low-risk industries.

Spike in cellphone tower worker deaths alarms OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) utilizes a variety of different mechanisms in order to promote safety in the workplace. It passes numerous safety regulations, conducts inspections and creates reading material that helps workers to understand their right to a safe workplace. In addition, when OSHA feels the need to communicate with employers regarding a particularly urgent safety matter, the agency sometimes sends affected employers letters directly.

OSHA contemplates worker injury reporting reform

Record-keeping and submission may not be terribly interesting tasks. However, ensuring that records are accurately created, properly analyzed and stored safely is critically important work. When it comes to work-related injuries and illnesses, the compilation and analysis of work safety records can mean the difference between proper dissemination of safety-related resources and inadequate safety precautions. As a result, it is vitally important that employers submit safety-related data properly and that this data is handled with care after submission.

New York company cited for violations after workplace fatality

If you drive northwest of Newburgh for about two and a half hours, you'll come to the town of Vestal. The pace is a little slower than it is here, but the quiet was broken this past March when tragedy struck at a pipe and plastics manufacturing plant there.

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