4 facts to know about traumatic brain injuries

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Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a variety of situations, including slip-all-fall incidents.  For those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, there is often a long road to recovery.

Understanding the basics of these injuries may help victims and their loved ones to more effectively respond to the situation at hand.

Direct blows to the head aren’t necessary

It’s possible that a direct blow to the head may cause a brain injury, but that’s not always the cause. For example, a person who falls from a ladder may not hit their head, but they may suffer a brain injury because of the force of the impact when they land on their back, for example, causing the head to fling.

Symptoms might take time to appear

Brain injuries are sometimes challenging to diagnose because symptoms may not show up immediately. It’s not uncommon for things like a headache or changes in senses to appear weeks after an injury occurs.

Long-term complications may occur

The brain doesn’t heal rapidly, and there’s a chance that long-term complications will occur. Some people who have a traumatic brain injury may need ongoing medical care or rehabilitation. They may be unable to return to work. Some may be able to go back to work but will need accommodations.

Fatal conditions are possible

A person who has multiple concussions over time may develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This is a fatal condition that’s due to changes in the brain. Unfortunately, this condition can’t be diagnosed while the person is living. It’s only diagnosable during a post-mortem brain examination.

Brain injuries can lead to costly medical bills, but workers’ compensation should cover them when this kind of harm is work-related. Some workers with more severe injuries may need other benefits, such as partial wage replacement or vocational rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation may not always provide these benefits quickly or in an amount that is properly valued. Seeking legal assistance is, therefore, generally wise before filing a claim, as an attorney can help workers to pursue their claims more efficiently and effectively.