Helping Families Of Workers Receive Survivor Benefits

When a person is killed in a workplace accident or later dies from serious injuries or complications, surviving family members may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits.

Dennis Kenny Law, helps families file for — and if necessary fight for — these important benefits to make up for the financial hardships from losing a loved one.

Albany Lawyers Investigating Fatal Work-Related Accidents

Workers’ compensation provides death benefits (survivor benefits) to a spouse and to dependent minor children of the deceased worker. These can be paid as weekly cash benefits or negotiated as a lump sum award.

Death benefits are calculated as a percentage of the deceased’s average wages, subject to a minimum and a maximum. Workers’ comp also pays up to $5,000 in funeral expenses.

Causally Related Deaths

We have handled a wide range of workplace accidents that resulted in death at the scene or eventually fatal injuries:

These directly connected deaths are not usually disputed if the person was on duty. However, our firm also explores possible wrongful death lawsuits against a manufacturer, property owner, negligent driver or other third party.

Fatalities Indirectly Related To A Work Injury

Our trial lawyers have won a number of cases in which the workplace accident started a chain of events that led to death. We are skilled at connecting the dots to hold employers accountable in consequential death claims:

  • A woman fell and hit her head at work. While on disability leave for the injury, she became hooked on pain medications and accidentally overdosed. We secured death benefits on behalf of the husband and children.
  • A woman banged her head when her boss surprised her as she was bending down. The accident caused severe spinal trauma which left her immobile. That inactivity caused a fatal blood clot to form, and we successfully argued for survivor benefits.

Providing Free Case Evaluations

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