Attorneys Helping Those With Hearing Loss

The ability to see, hear and speak are all considered essential to living a normal life and being able to perform regular job duties. If your sight or hearing has been severely diminished or your ability to speak is so impaired that you are unable to communicate, you may be entitled to collect Social Security benefits.

The process for obtaining benefits can be quite complex. Be sure that you have an experienced New York state Social Security Disability claims lawyer who knows the law and will fight to protect your interests. At the Law Offices of Dennis Kenny, P.C., we represent clients in all types of claims for special senses, including hearing loss. Disability claims of this nature can be quite time-consuming. Our attorneys will be there with you at every step, working for a favorable result.

Building A Strong Case On Your Behalf

There are very specific criteria that must be met in order to be approved for benefits based on the loss of special senses and speech. In many cases, you simply need to meet a predetermined threshold in order to be declared disabled. If you do not meet the required threshold, we will help you understand your options and work with you to develop an appropriate plan of action.

Special senses claims for benefits may be made for the following types of conditions:

  • Loss of visual acuity
  • Loss of speech
  • Loss of hearing

Helping Clients Seek Benefits For Special Sense And Speech Impairments

Contact our office today to discuss your questions about impairments of special senses and speech and how they are evaluated for Social Security Disability benefits. You can reach us by phone at 845-764-4494, toll free at 888-312-5516 or via email.