New Trend Finds Women Get More DUIs

An article from the Chicago Tribune is calling attention to a new trend: more women are getting citations for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) than their male counterparts.

The article discusses a variety of potential causes for the trend, some controversial. The primary cause discussed focuses on the mounting pressures women face. The twenty-first century woman must successfully master the career world and raise obedient, intelligent children all while keeping a clean home and providing her family with healthy, home cooked meals. The article argued these pressures were amplified during the recession, leading to an increase in women drinking. Other sociology professionals pointed to the fact that more women are in the workplace and need to drive to get to and from their jobs. According to this school of thought, the same numbers of women are drinking, but more are now driving.

Women and alcohol

In addition to these findings, the National Institute of Health also notes that alcohol impacts women differently than men. The agency points out scientific studies have shown women experience the side effects of alcohol after consuming less than their male counterparts.

The reason stems back to simple biology. Bodies metabolize alcohol differently. Many women weigh less than men, providing one reason for the increased impact of alcohol. However, even men and women who weigh the same experience intoxication differently. Women have less water in their bodies causing their blood alcohol intoxication levels to increase at a more rapid pace. Scientists also believe a woman’s hormones play a role.

Regardless of the reason behind the difference leading to the trend, it still appears that women need to exercise more caution than they currently are when drinking and driving.

Drunk driving in New York

The trend is concerning for many reasons. Arguably the most important comes from New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles statistics on drunk driving accidents. According to the organization, over one third of all fatalities in the state are connected to impaired or intoxicated drivers and pedestrians.

Intoxicated drivers who are involved in accidents may be held accountable to their victims. If a victim is killed or injured in a drunk driving accident, the driver faces an array of penalties, including:

  • Driver license revocation.
  • Imprisonment.
  • Monetary fines.

The driver may also be held accountable for the medical and rehabilitative costs incurred by the victims of the accident, as well as potential lost wages and other expenses.

If you or a loved one is injured in a drunk driving accident, contact an experienced New York drunk driving accident compensation attorney to better ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.