Human Hormone Study Focuses On Brain Injury Treatment

When a person in Orange County is injured while at work, or conducting business on behalf of their employer, one of the injuries they may sustain is a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can have a drastic effect on people for the rest of their lives, preventing them from returning to work or even holding down any kind of job. In such cases, victims or their families can seek financial assistance through workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability Insurance.

Last year in New York City, a construction worker suffered a head injury in an accident. According to WABC, the worker and another employee were at a worksite when they fell into a hole. It is unknown how the accident occurred or how serious the head injury was.


The Brain Injury Association of America states that brain injuries are unpredictable and can be extremely complex. The reason for this is due to the fact that the brain controls just about every function in the human body and when it is damaged, those functions can be limited and even altered. In addition, a person’s age, the type of blow, the severity of the blow and pre-existing health issues can also influence the type of damage that is received.

As a result of these many factors, one brain injury is completely different from the next. This means that whereas one person hit in the back of the head may struggle with speaking another person with an injury to the same area may have communications issues. The symptoms of brain injury are many and can include:

  • Loss of memory.
  • Trouble with walking or moving one’s arms.
  • Changes in a person’s mood or personality.
  • The inability to solve simple problems.
  • Respiratory issues.
  • Mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

These symptoms are just a few of the many potential problems that someone with a brain injury can struggle with. Furthermore, these symptoms may appear immediately or not until months later. It is also not uncommon for people to experience additional problems later in life that stem from the brain injury.

Stabilization And Therapy

When people suffer from a traumatic brain injury, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that the only thing medical staff can do is to monitor a patient’s condition and prevent further damage. Currently there is no treatment that can undo the damage already caused by an injury to the brain. The recovery process can also be a slow one as people must often go through many different forms of therapy and in some cases, the damage done is permanent.

However, a new study is being conducted to see whether a human hormone named progesterone can be used to treat patients with brain injuries. According to KABC, the hormone has been shown in research to have the ability to heal the blood-brain barrier, reduce the number of brain cells that die, and lower brain swelling. If the study, which is being held in 21 countries, is successful, it could become the first official treatment for brain injury.

When workers suffer a brain injury, it can be difficult for them and their families to understand the process of seeking workers’ compensation. They should meet with an experienced attorney for legal assistance.