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Getting the workers' comp benefits you need and deserve

From the employee's side, a workplace injury is often a mixture of pain, medical treatment, time away from the job and recovery. From the employer's side, the issues are more about one thing: money.

When a New York worker is injured on the job, they are entitled to workers' compensation to pay for medical care and to replace a portion of their lost wages. This part of the safety net is crucial to working people, enabling them to get the care they need and to continue providing for themselves and their families.

Don't Take a Fall at Work

Everyone has taken a fall. Part of learning to walk is learning to fall down. As we get older, spills can often have increasingly serious consequences. For workers, a fall can mean injuries that result in medical bills, lost wages and a diminished earning capacity.

About two-thirds of all fall-related injuries are sustained by adults of working age. About a third of those adults are age 45 to 65 and about a third are ages 18 to 44. The most common type of fall-related injury? Sprains and strains, according to the National Health Interview Survey.

Workplace violence: All-too-common danger for nurses

Nurses from Newburgh to Napa — and everywhere in between — share concerns about safety in the workplace. For many nurses, workplace violence is a regular part of their workdays; a frightening reality that they must deal with every time they report for duty in emergency rooms and other parts of hospitals.

"Not a shift goes by that we’re not exposed to workplace violence," an intensive care nurse recently said, adding that she has had to have four major surgeries as a result of injuries sustained in patient assaults.

Staying safe in the workplace

June is National Safety Month; 30 days in which we should all make an extra effort to reduce the causes of injuries and fatalities in the workplace. The National Safety Council and organizations across New York are trying to raise awareness of safety as well as we drive, and as we go about our business in our communities and homes.

The Safety Council asks everyone to take a pledge to be safe at work. With workplace fatalities on the rise for the first time in six years, the NSC asks employees and employers to take the pledge to reduce on-the-job injuries.

Know Your Workplace Safety Rights

The U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights are revered as powerful, articulate descriptions of the rights we all possess. The United States Department of Labor wants you to know that your rights don't stop at freedom of speech or freedom of the press, however.

You have rights in the workplace, too. The Labor Department says in clear terms that you have the right, under federal law, to a safe workplace. "Your employer must provide a workplace free of known health and safety hazards," the department says.

Promoting workplace safety

It is understandable and proper that Newburgh employers take steps to make workplaces safer. There is no doubt that when employers make employee safety a priority and follow up with things such as training, proper equipment and well-maintained facilities, many workplace injuries can be prevented.

A recent article on workplace safety and workers' compensation says that an insurance company study reveals the most common on-the-job injuries and gives employers advice on how to prevent them.

Trying to Help Can Hurt

Their job is to help those struggling with illness or injury, but they are often confronted with work-related health issues of their own, a new study says. They are home health care and hospice aides, and according to a new study, employers are having trouble finding and keeping the aides, in part because of workplace injuries.

Approximately a quarter of the workers recently surveyed said they are likely to leave their jobs in the coming year. Thirteen percent of them said that they had sustained an injury while working during the past 12 months.

Injury report spurs lawmakers to urge improved safety measures

For workers on the floor of the processing plants, there is no high pay or cushy benefits in the meat and poultry industry. What there is instead is a rate of injury and illness that continues to plague workers.

A recent report shows that the rates remain stubbornly higher than the injury and illness rates for the average worker in U.S. manufacturing. The Government Accountability Office report also notes that in the decade that ended in 2013, 154 meat and poultry workers died on the job.

New York workers' compensation deadlines

It might seem unfair or unreasonable, but the reality is that as soon as you are injured in the workplace, the clock starts ticking. Injured workers have deadlines to meet, even if they cannot work.

The deadlines are imposed by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. In order to qualify for workers' comp benefits, you have to meet the deadlines. Of course, the first order of business when you sustain a workplace injury is to get needed medical treatment.

A look at the numbers

Now that winter has finally faded away, the sounds of spring and summer can be heard. Birds chirping, children playing outdoors and of course, the noise of road construction crews.

With road construction season comes dangers to the workers toiling to upgrade roads, streets and highways in and around Newburgh.

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