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Falls from U.S. Bank Stadium claim life of 1 construction worker and injure another

Among U.S. construction workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that fall-related accidents remain the leading cause of injury and death. Just this week, a 35-year-old man, who was part of the construction crew that is completing work on the roof of U.S. Bank Stadium, died after he reportedly fell 50 feet from the stadium’s roof before coming to rest in a snow gutter. A second worker, who also suffered apparent fall-related injuries in the same incident, still remains hospitalized.

According to a Minneapolis Star Tribune article, for unknown reasons, the men fell while completing work on the north side of the massive stadium's roof. The men were both employed with a roofing company that was a contractor on the project which employs an estimated 1,200 construction workers.

Construction employers who failed to protect workers from cave-in dangers indicted

New York City construction workers literally put their health and lives at risk each and every day they report to a work site. In previous posts, we've highlighted some of the many dangers these men and women face including fall hazards, construction equipment malfunctions and exposure to hazardous materials.

However, perhaps the greatest threat to construction worker safety comes from employers who blatantly disregard safety regulations and fail to educate and provide workers with adequate training, information and safety gear. All too often the workers who are impacted the most when these types of regulatory and safety violations occur, are young immigrants who speak little to no English.

Falls a concern for workers at construction sites

It is widely accepted that falls from heights are a serious hazard for construction workers. These types of accidents can result in devastating injuries that make it impossible for the injured individual to work while they heal. In some situations they could suffer permanent disability making it impossible for them to ever to return to construction work again.

Recently a construction worker at a construction site on the Far West Side was seriously hurt when he fell from one of the buildings being constructed there. In the course of the incident, which occurred in the early afternoon, the man fell 40 feet to the ground. According to a witness, to retrieve the injured man, a bucket crane had to be used.

When impacted by a work injury, New York workers need a strong legal advocate

From an office worker who develops carpal tunnel syndrome to a construction worker who suffers a traumatic brain injury after being struck in the head by an object on a work site, every occupation and workplace has inherent health and safety risks.

Depending on the nature and severity of a work-related injury, an individual may incur hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical expenses and be unable to work for days, weeks or even months. In some cases, a work injury may cause an individual to suffer permanent and debilitating injuries and he or she may never be able to work again. When faced with this reality, New York workers would be wise to turn to an attorney who handles workers' compensation matters.

OSHA contends that outdated silica standards are endangering lives of millions

Individuals who work in several industries including construction, mining, commercial fishing and healthcare are regularly required to work in environments and carry out work assignments that threatened their safety and health. In some cases, occupational hazards and the related possible consequences are obvious. In other cases, workers may not be able to see or may be unaware of the imminent danger posed by certain chemicals, substances and materials.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration define crystalline silica as "a basic component of soil, sand, granite and many other materials." When these materials are cut, crushed or ground; tiny silica particles are released into the air. For workers who are exposed to and breathe in these particles, the negative health effects are significant and can result in disease, disability and death.

2015 construction accident deaths in NYC already reach 2014 total

While the following story applies more to the city of New York than the state, it still exemplifies the worries that anyone should have about construction site safety and the dangers that construction workers face on a regular basis.

In the city of New York, construction fatalities are occurring at an alarming rate. As of the writing of our source article, eight people had died this year alone in construction accidents. That's equal to the number of fatalities for all of 2014, and it is on pace with the last worst year for construction accident fatalities (2008, when 19 people died).

Worker' comp benefits for new employees

You aced your interview and you have been hired as a new employee. You attended orientation and paid close attention during the safety training. Yet, during your first day, week, month or year on the job, you find yourself sidelined because you have sustained a work-related injury or illness. Understandably, you start to worry. Do you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits even though you are so new to the job?

There is no easy answer to this question. Workers’ compensation laws differ from state to state. In addition, the particulars of your unique circumstance need to be taken into account before this question can be answered in regards to your situation specifically. It is for these reasons that you may benefit from speaking to an attorney licensed in your state. An attorney will likely be able to aid you in exploring any legal options available to you.

Workers' compensation benefits for anxiety

Some injuries and illnesses can be managed, while others are debilitating. Still others are debilitating for a time and can eventually be managed. Anxiety, like many mental illnesses, can be debilitating, managed or can shift between these two states. When anxiety is either partially or totally debilitating, it can be difficult to maintain employment. Thankfully, when debilitating anxiety is work-related, it may be possible to seek workers’ compensation benefits for this condition.

The two primary issues one must consider when exploring workers’ compensation benefits for anxiety are the nature of the anxiety and whether it is work-related. If you are thinking about exploring your ability to obtain benefits, your attorney will likely want to know whether your anxiety impairs your ability to work. If it does not, you will likely not qualify for benefits, as workers’ compensation is meant to aid individuals whose work-related illness or injury impairs their ability to work.

'Tis the season for heat-related injuries and illnesses at work

The first official day of summer occurs this weekend. However, much of the nation is heating up like it is already mid-summer. It seems that there are few places that one can escape to during the summer months in order to feel truly cool when outdoors during the daylight hours. As a result, it is important for everyone who ventures outside during the day to take heat-related and UV-related precautions.

Individuals who work outdoors are at particular risk of suffering heat-related and UV-related injuries and illnesses during the summer. Lifeguards, construction workers and a host of other workers of every age find themselves battling the summer temperature and the sun’s harsh glare during this time of year. Taking precautions before venturing out and during outdoor shifts can help to ensure that these workers remain as safe as possible while they are out in the summer sun.

Workers' compensation for undocumented workers

We have previously written about the fact that both temporary migrant workers and undocumented laborers are at a heightened risk for being injured in the workplace or killed while on the job. These workers are at a heightened risk for a number of reasons, including the fact that many of these individuals do not speak English and their employers may fail to train them properly in a language they can understand.

Similarly, it can be uniquely difficult for undocumented workers and migrant laborers to seek assistance in the event that they are injured on the job. Migrant laborers may be concerned that missing work or seeking assistance will cause them to lose their work visas. Undocumented workers may understandably be concerned that seeking assistance may lead authorities to deport them.

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