What are the 3 main types of workers’ compensation benefits?

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Employment laws in New York require that businesses carry workers’ compensation coverage for direct-hire employees. That coverage protects workers from the risks inherent in their professions. Part-time and seasonal workers, as well as long-term permanent employees, are potentially eligible for benefits if they have medical issues caused by their jobs.

New medical issues caused by major workplace incidents can qualify for benefits. So can conditions caused by repetitive work functions or chemical exposure at work. Depending on the issue affecting a New York employee, there are three main types of benefits potentially available.

Medical benefits

Medical coverage is the most commonly utilized form of workers’ compensation. Many employees simply need stitches or a cast, and they can quickly return to work after they receive appropriate treatment. Unlike health insurance, which makes people who seek out medical care responsible for certain expenses, workers’ compensation provides full coverage. Workers with job-acquired health challenges do not have to pay for medically necessary treatments. Those benefits can persist for as long as symptoms do in some cases. A successful workers’ compensation claim can cover anything from surgical procedures to pain management medication.

Disability benefits

Occasionally, workers have illnesses or injuries that keep them away from their jobs. There are both short-term and permanent disability benefits available for those workers. Employees can receive partial coverage for their lost wages if they must take time off to recover after getting hurt at work. They may also be eligible for permanent benefits if they have to change professions or cease working because of catastrophic injuries.

Death benefits

The worst-case scenario for workers’ compensation claims is when an employee dies. Surviving family members can qualify for two types of benefits. There are memorial and burial benefits that help cover the cost of a funeral. Depending on the county where someone lived and worked, funeral and memorial benefits may cover up to $10,5000 or $12,5000 in the most populous counties. Families can also receive wage replacement benefits that are comparable to the disability benefits available to injured workers.

Understanding the benefits available through New York workers’ compensation can help people recognize when they need to file a claim. Benefits can reduce the financial harm caused by work-acquired medical conditions.