Reviewing statistics on disability benefits

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If you recently sustained a serious injury at work or in a motor vehicle wreck, you likely have a number of hardships to confront, such as high levels of pain, medical bills, lost wages and concerns about your future.

After suffering from a disability, you could have a lot of uncertainty about the direction of your life and your ability to return to the workplace in any capacity. Social Security Disability benefits are a lifeline for many disabled individuals and it is helpful to review statistics on the SSDI program.

Dealing with a disability is often very difficult, but you should review resources that you are eligible for. Moreover, you should not feel alone, and statistics shed light on the number of people in this position.

Taking a look at statistics on SSDI recipients

According to data published on the Social Security Administration’s website, there were more than 9.7 million SSDI recipients during 2019. In recent decades, the number of people receiving SSDI has steadily increased, with 7.5 million receiving benefits in 2005 and 3.2 million receiving benefits in 1985. In 2019, 8.3 million SSDI recipients were workers, more than 246,000 were widowers and over 1.1 million were adult children.

Taking a look at the average amount of SSDI benefits

The average monthly payments have increased over the years as well. In 2019, disabled workers received over $1,200 per month, on average. In 2005, the average monthly benefits for workers was $938. If you are struggling to pay bills and take care of other financial obligations due to your disability, these benefits will play a key role in your ability to move forward if you are eligible.